Grayson County Sheriff's Office

The Office of the Sheriff in Texas is a constitutionally created office with duties prescribed by the legislature (Tex. Const. Art. V, Sec. 23).  Although often referred to by many as the "Sheriff’s Department", the correct title is "Office of the Sheriff" and is referred to as such in Grayson County.  A Sheriff in Texas is independent and not responsible to other agencies except in the matter of an operating budget, which must be approved by the Commissioner’s Court.

The Constitution defines the Sheriff as the "Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County."  In Grayson County, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for being the responding law enforcement agency for approximately one-third of the County’s population including the unincorporated areas and three small towns, which do not have police departments.  A Sheriff in each of Texas 254 Counties must either operate a jail or arrange with another county to house prisoners.  The Sheriff, in addition to enforcing laws, performs such varied duties as enforcing estray laws, collecting fines and court costs, conducting court-ordered sales of real estate or other items, providing security of the district and county courts, serving of civil and criminal process such as subpoenas, warrants, capias and various writs such as writs of attachment in child custody cases.  Communications (dispatch) and 911 operations are also the responsibility of the Sheriff in most counties in Texas.

Grayson County was formed in 1846 from Fannin County.  Today, the county is growing rapidly as the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex moves northward.  While farming and ranching remain important parts of the county’s economy, industrial plants play an increasing role in the economy.  Grayson County contains approximately 940 square miles of land and water, including Lake Texoma, one of the largest manmade lakes in Texas.  The current population is approximately 120,000 and will swell to about 150,000 on three major long weekend holidays in May, July and September.

Special units at the Sheriff’s Office include the Special Response Team (SRT), an elite and highly trained mobile team which deploys appropriate tactics for hostage situations or difficult arrests.  The Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is a highly trained unit which deals with inmate-initiated problems in the jail.  The Grayson County Sheriff’s Dive Team is used to search for persons or property in county lakes and ponds and the Boat Patrol enforces laws on the Texas side of Lake Texoma.

Auxiliary units of the Sheriff’s Office include the Grayson County Sheriff’s Reserves.  These public-minded citizens are all certified peace officers as required by the State of Texas with the same training as full-time officers.  They are required to work a minimum number of hours each month and have proven to be an important back-up for the regular full-time officers.

Religious opportunities for inmates have been expanded.  Where services were once conducted for male inmates on Sunday mornings only, services are now also conducted several times each week.  A Jail Chaplain has been appointed to provide these services.  The Jail Chaplin coordinates activities and makes recommendations for the 30 positions filled by volunteers.  The Community Services Network, an inter-denominational organization, has supplied numerous members who have undergone jailer training certification who can work with and supervise inmates, thus freeing up the Jail Division employees to perform other duties.  The Jail Chaplain also coordinates clergy or leaders of non-Christian religious groups to counsel and conduct worship services.  It is the strong feeling of the Sheriff and staff, that lives that have been changed have a greater chance of not returning to the Grayson County Jail.

The Sheriff’s Office employs approximately 30% of Grayson County employees.  The 142 direct employees and approximately 25 contract employees are dedicated public servants who strive to provide the best protection possible for the citizens of this county.

For employment opportunities with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, contact the Grayson County Human Resources Office at (903)-813-4091 or the Sheriff’s Office at (903)-893-4388.  The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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