The Grayson County Commissioners Court meets Tuesday of each week at 10:00 a.m.
Commissioners Court 

Together, the County Judge and four Commissioners comprise the Commissioners Court. Despite the name, Commissioners Court is not a judicial court but is the general governing body of the county. Among the major duties of the Court are:

  • Set the tax rate and adopt the county budget;
  • Appoint county officials and hire personnel;
  • Fill elective and appointive vacancies;
  • Establish voting precincts, appoint precinct judges and call county bond elections;
  • Let contracts and authorize payment of all county bills;
  • Build and maintain county roads and bridges;
  • Build, maintain and improve county facilities including jails;
  • Provide for indigent care, public welfare and veterans assistance;
  • Manage all county facilities;
  • Provide for the data service and archival needs of the County; and
  • Appoint an Administrator to oversee the operations of those departments reporting to the court.

Other Members of the Commissioners Court include:  


Click here for the current Commissioners Court Agenda